North-East District DCP Sanjay Sen said that all preparations have been made in view of the terrorist attack. Steps are being taken to prevent terrorist incidents.

For the first time, Delhi Police will monitor the Kanwar Yatra with a drone. Drones will be seen on all routes during the journey. With this, the police will be activated immediately if needed. At the same time, 1925 traffic policemen will be deployed on the Kanwar route. Also, about 56 cranes will be installed on the route. Patrolling will be done on Kanwar route by police bike. When the Kanwariyas cross the road, the traffic will be stopped at that time. Peace committees are being held at places of communal riots. Delhi Police is registering Kanwariyas through the app.

Additional Commissioner of Delhi Police Geeta Rani Verma said that 1925 traffic police personnel have been deployed to ensure smooth flow of traffic from July 14 to July 26. These traffic policemen will work in three shifts. This time 172 camps have been given permission from the government. These include nine security camps and 157 private camps. He appealed to the people and Kanwariyas to follow the traffic rules.

Security arrangements will be tight at riot-prone places
North-East District DCP Sanjay Sen said that all preparations have been made in view of the terrorist attack. Steps are being taken to prevent terrorist acts. For the first time, registration of Kanwariyas is being done through the app. 37 camps will be set up in North-East district. Two points will be made for coming and going here. Along with two thousand traffic policemen, the local police will also be deployed in the district for security.

He said that arrangements would be made for the Kanwariyas from July 14 to 26. Control room and scaffolding will be made. For security, CCTV cameras and drones will be monitored. This time, for the first time in the Kanwar Yatra, Simalpur Chowk has been taken in the route. Along with this, the biggest challenge in the route of Kavad Yatra is the Ghaziabad border. For this a joint meeting is being held with the Ghaziabad Police. Responding to a question on the riots in the North-East, he said that the police is holding a meeting with the coordinators as well as the people of both the communities. Security of Kanwariyas will be tight at the places of riots.

Security will be tight at Ghazipur and Maharajpur border
Eastern District DCP Priyanka Kashyap said that 16 camps will be set up in East District. Checking points will be made at Ghazipur and Maharajpur border. Barricades will be put up everywhere. The information of Kanwariyas will be entered in the register. All the points will be monitored by CCTV and Drone. Medical camps will be organized by the police.

Traffic will be diverted due to heavy congestion
In view of the Kanvad Yatra, traffic will be diverted from the time and route with heavy congestion. Heavy vehicles will be diverted from Mohan Nagar towards NH-24 by UP Police. Via Bhopra towards Wazirabad Road and/or through Apsara Border to Gt. Heavy vehicles will not be allowed on the road side. G.T. towards Shahdara and Wazirabad Road. Heavy except for city buses will not be allowed on the road.

GT on Outer Ring Road Heavy commercial transport vehicles coming from Karnal Road except city buses will be diverted directly towards NH-24 and will be diverted to Wazirabad Road and G.T. No permission will be given on the road towards Shahdara. Heavy commercial transport vehicles except city buses coming from Loni Road (towards Shahdara) will be diverted to Wazirabad Road for exit from Outer Ring Road. Sonia Vihar, Pts. Heavy commercial transport vehicles except city buses coming from interior areas like Wazirabad Pushta, Pushta Road will be diverted towards Outer Ring Road via Wazirabad Road to take NH-24.

Security will remain strong on Apsara Border and Jeet Road as well.
Shahdara district’s DCP R Satya Sundaram told that the security of Apsara Border and GT Road is a tough challenge here. GT Road is 4.5 km long and leads to Shyamlal College. He told that 33 camps will be set up here. Most of the traffic is on GT Road. For this, 13 pandals have been set up there. There will be scaffolding in all the pandals. Delhi Police commandos will be deployed at ten places. In view of the Kanwar Yatra, the security has been divided into three zones and five sectors. One zone will be handled by ACP rank officers. The sector will be headed by an inspector level officer. CCTV and drones will be monitored in the district.

Can provide immediate help in emergency
Delhi Police Spokesperson Suman Nalwa said that Delhi Police has started Kanwar Yatri registration system for the first time on Tuesday, so that Kanwar Yatra can be made more and more safe. He said that due to this system having complete information of Kanwar Yatris, it would be easy for the police to provide immediate help or assistance to them under any circumstances. With the registration, the data bank will be ready for the Kanwar Yatris. He said that registration is not mandatory. But Delhi Police is alert about the sensitive incidents happening in the country. All possible steps are being taken for the safety of Kanwar pilgrims.

Register like this on the app
Delhi Police has given a link for registration. By clicking on the link mobile number will be entered. As soon as this is done, an OTP will come on the applicant’s phone. He has to summit. After that a new page will open. Personal information must be shared on this page.

Delhi Traffic Police can get information from Facebook
If any Delhiite or Kanwar traveler needs any kind of information related to traffic during Kanwar Yatra, then can take from Delhi Traffic Police’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, WhatsApp number 8750871493 and helpline number 1095/011-25844444. Information on these will be available 24 hours a day. Violators of traffic rules in the movement of Kanwariyas will be investigated on the spot. Videography and photography will be done.

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