Drunk Groom Put Garland To Bride Sister Sister-in-law gets very angry at this act of drunken groom. The groom also wears a garland to the bride while staggering. On this act of his sister-in-law slaps him a lot.

New Delhi, Jnn. In this way, there are thousand stories in every marriage, which people discuss for years. Some strange wedding videos are also viral on social media, in which sometimes the groom is driven away by the mare, and sometimes the bride gets blown up on the stage. In a video, relatives do such a thing that the whole fun of marriage gets spoiled. One such video is becoming fiercely viral on social media these days, seeing that people are unable to understand whether to be shocked or laughed.

In this video going viral, you can see that the stage of marriage is decorated. The bride is waiting for the groom with her friends and sister-in-law. The groom also comes, but if you look a little carefully, you will find that he has drunk heavily. The groom is unable to even stand upright, is staggering. His friends somehow get him on stage.

Seeing this act of the groom, the sister-in-law standing nearby gets angry. She murmurs and takes off her brother-in-law’s aarti and asks her to wear a jaimala. Now the intoxicated brother-in-law does not understand the difference between sister-in-law and house-wife and makes her sister-in-law wear a garland. What was it then, the sister-in-law gets angry with anger and collects brother-in-law and slaps her a lot.

The groom, who is being beaten up by the sister of the bride, repeatedly stops her from doing so, but she does not agree. The groom also keeps beating silently. This video is being told from Bihar where there is a complete ban on liquor. People are reacting fiercely to this video on social media.

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