Hair Fall Causes To control the growing problem of hair fall, people take various measures such as oil treatment and shampoo. Some remedies work and some don’t. So know what to do to get rid of this problem here.

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Hair Fall Causes: Hair is an important part of any person’s identity. They not only give a glimpse of femininity, but also provide an attractive look to the women and youth and a dazzling style to the men. Hair loss can lead to a decrease in self-confidence, which can lead to problems like anxiety and mental stress. It is common to lose 50-100 hairs on a normal day, but when someone has a problem of hair fall, then on an average 150 hairs fall every day. This problem becomes worrying when the hair starts looking thin and new hair does not grow at all. With ageing, hormonal changes occur, hair follicles become permanently damaged, and the skin covers the pores, called scar tissue.

According to research, 64% of Indians suffer from hair loss, the root cause of which is stress, pollution and poor water quality. To control the growing problem of hair fall, people take various measures, such as oil treatment and shampoo. Some remedies work and some don’t. To help control this problem, homeopathy has shown great effectiveness in treating issues like baldness (alopecia), hypotrichosis and other problems related to hair loss.

Homeopathy treatment for hair loss

The homeopathy medical system is proving to be a boon in the treatment of persistent diseases, including hair loss, without any side effects. As a highly systematic medical treatment and diagnostic evaluation method, homeopathy remedies, unlike conventional treatments, eliminate the possibility of hair loss problems reappearing for a longer period of time.

Homeopathic medicines are naturally formulated without chemicals, additives, steroids or have no adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Homeopathy identifies the root cause of our hair fall and the underlying cause of hair loss, which helps us to maintain good health throughout our hair.

The biggest advantage of homeopathy is that this complementary medicine, apart from focusing on the existing symptoms, evaluates the psycho-social aspects of all patients. This suggests that doctors prescribe medicines to hair loss patients by evaluating their medical history and taking into account their mental and physical appearance. These medicines nourish the hair roots and make our hair grow painlessly, no age limit. A study by the Skin Research Institute of Europe has revealed that homeopathy is quite effective in combating dihydrotestosterone (DHT) without any toxic effects or side effects. It is a type of hormone which is a factor in hair loss.

Warning: Instead of self-medicating for acute hair fall problem, it is advisable to visit an expert for proper advice and solution.

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